Venue and travel


Venue and Travel


The conference will take place at the
Tagungshaus St. Afra (formerly: Evangelische Akademie Meißen).
Address: 01662 Meißen, Freiheit 16

The Tagungshaus St. Afra is situated in the building of a medieval monastery in the historic town of Meißen, about 35 km from Dresden. All participants (except those from Dresden) will be accommodated in the guest rooms of the Tagungshaus St. Afra.
(Information on the travel available in German)



  • from Dresden Airport by suburban train S2 until Dresden-Hauptbahnhof (Main railway station) (25 minutes, trains leaving ...:17 and ...:47)
  • from Dresden-Hauptbahnhof (Main railway station) by suburban train S1 to Meißen (35 min, trains leaving at ...:00; ...:30)
  • if you drop out at "Meißen Altstadt" you have to walk 15 minutes to the Tagungshaus St. Afra but it is a steep rise. So, if you prefer to take a taxi it is better to drop out one stop earlier, at "Meißen Hauptbahnhof".