Program layout

Dresden Polymer Discussions are meetings with a limited number of participants (max.70) characterized by intensive discussions.

All oral program consists of 22 invited talks. The program is completed by poster contributions.



ORAL PROGRAM with titles


• Polymer physics of DNA/chromatin
• Polymer brushes/nuclear pore complex
• Phase separation in concurrent solvents/RNA bodies
• Physics of gels and polymers out of equilibrium/active soft matter
• Self-organized copolymers/lipid membranes


Invited speakers

David Andelmann (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Vladimir Baulin (Tarragona, Spain)
Jan Brugués (Dresden, Germany)
Jennifer Curtis (Atlanta, USA)
Sissi de Beer (Twente, Netherlands)
Martin Depken (Delft, Netherlands)
André Galuschko (Dresden, Germany)
Ramin Golestanian (Oxford, United Kingdom)
Thomas Heimburg (Copenhagen, Denmark)
J.-F. Joanny (Paris, France)
Michael Kozlov (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Fred MacKintosh (Houston, USA)
Dino Osmanovic (Cambridge, USA)
Lars Renner (Dresden, Germany)
Michael Rubinstein (Durham, USA)
Guillaume Salbreux (London, United Kingdom)
Helmut Schießel (Leiden, Netherlands)
Abhinav Sharma (Dresden, Germany)
Christoph Weber (Cambridge, USA)
Anton Zilman (Toronto, Canada)