16th Dresden Polymer Discussion

Concepts of Polymer Physics: From Soft Matter to Biological Systems

Meissen, May 13 to 16, 2018


Polymer Physics has developed unique paradigms such as conformational entropy, the statistics and dynamics of random paths, or self-similarity of polymer conformations which allow us to understand systems of increasing complexity. Virtually any problem in polymer science can be addressed with these concepts and, in parallel, studied by well defined universal simulation models. These approaches are not only useful for synthetic polymers, but also for the macromolecules that are essential elements of the living state of matter. Transferring concepts and ideas of polymer physics to biophysics, but also to define unique biological systems which require an extension of concepts of polymer physics seems a challenge for future research in both areas. The aim of this conference is to focus on this interface between polymer physics and biological physics, to find common problems to solve, and to discuss the future development in both disciplines.

Topics to be discussed

  •  Polymer physics of DNA/chromatin
  •  Polymer brushes/nuclear pore complex
  •  Phase separation in concurrent solvents/RNA bodies
  •  Physics of gels and polymers out of equilibrium/active soft matter
  •  Self-organized copolymers/lipid membranes


Jens-Uwe Sommer  and  Stefan Grill

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